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Feeling Stuffed After Thanksgiving?

November 28th, 2014

“Stuffed in America”

It’s easy to feel stuffed after a great Thanksgiving meal and if you’re not in the mood for a brisk walk, check out this documentary short film that Lindsay made in pursuit of her film degree at Occidental College. Watch  “Stuffed in America.”  The theme of over-consumption is explored within the framework of preparing and eating a Thanksgiving meal. Student written, produced and the original music score was also done by a classmate.

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Editor’s Note: Ready, Set, Go (under the knife)?

January 24th, 2011

As Editor and Filmmaker for the Nipntuck Blog, I have a unique vantage point in which to share patient’s experiences about their cosmetic surgery with our readers.   As part of my research, I also follow new trends and catalog the latest cosmetic surgery headlines making the news.   An article that we featured last week really piqued my interest.   “About Face” was written by Contributing Editor for Vogue Magazine, Dodie Kazanjian.

Kazanjian concludes that if you want the best result for a facelift, opt to have one in your 40’s and if you wait until 60, basically forget it!   Since I am awfully close to that “why bother” age, it made me start wondering about having a facelift myself.

Chalking it up to the winter doldrums, I joked with my hair stylist that he needed to give me a great perky haircut or I was going under the knife.   Well Jason Deavalon is quite a formidable stylist and my hair did look amazing, but I am wondering if I should give serious consideration to having a little nipntuck of my own.   My husband, the plastic surgeon, was decidedly quiet on the subject until I brought it up last week.   Of course, he said it was totally up to me.   I feel a slight obligation to look my best, lest I be judged too harshly due to the circumstances.   My friends know me to be generally unaffected by what people think, so my concern comes as a little bit of a surprise to me.   I’m thinking spring might be a good time for some “facial freshening.”

Although I obviously won’t be able to film my own surgery, I can record a video diary and document my experience in a series of personal posts.   Stay tuned!

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