Patient Recommends Dr. Bashioum for Breast Surgery


CL writes, “I had my boobs done and got a recommendation from my mom who had her’s by Dr Bashioum. I am so happy from the start to finish, I am currently almost 8 weeks post op and was so happy to hear my results are looking great. I would highly recommend Dr Bashioum and working with Sandy was amazing as well. If I love my boobs now I can only imagine how much more I’ll keep loving them more as more months go by!  Dr. Bashioum replies, “Good Morning CL, Thank you for taking time to comment on your recent breast surgery. I’m delighted that you are happy with the results so far and as your recovery progresses, I agree that you will continue to be pleased with your decision. I will also share your comments with Sandy, who has been our patient coordinator for over 25 years now. She is a gem! Thanks again for your kind comments, -Dr. Bashioum



2 Responses to “Patient Recommends Dr. Bashioum for Breast Surgery”

  1. madv Says:

    From the moment I met Dr. Bashioum I felt comfortable. Let me back up. I have “known” about Dr. Bashioum from the majority of my life. Dr. Bashioum has performed breast surgery on multiple (4) close family members of mine and a couple friends of theirs. I have been hearing his praises since I was a young adult. So in actuality, I have felt comfortable with Dr. Bashioum before I even walked in the door. There wasn’t any other choice. Why would I go somewhere else when the results and longevity of these breasts are incredible and gorgeous.
    The entire staff treats their clients gently and kind. I am so pleased with the outcome of my surgery as well as the pre and post op care. My surgery was 8 months ago and I feel like I have had these breasts my entire life – they are so natural and I couldn’t imagine anything else. I love the way they look and the way they make me feel! Becky, Sandy, Dr Bashioum & team: Thank you for your remarkable talent! xxxxooo

  2. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dear Mdav,
    Wow, what a lovely review! It is very gratifying to hear that we have met our patient care goals for you, as we all strive to provide the kind of experience that you describe. My entire team is dedicated to treating our patients with kindness to instill confidence that they are receiving the very best care that we may offer. Many thanks for sharing your most kind review and I will look forward to sharing it with Becky, Sandy and my entire staff this afternoon.
    -Dr. Bashioum


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