Patient Comments: Breast Surgery Experience

Mary writes:

I have recently moved to Minnesota and received a warm welcome from the Bashioum Cosmetics staff and surgeon when I was making decisions on having surgery. I was at ease during consultation because of the professionalism, friendliness, and confidence in Dr. Bashioum and all his nurses. The consults that I had at other centers prior to this one were the complete opposite where I felt out of place and the doctor’s portrayed arrogance. In  my decision making to have surgery, I had questions, concerns and fears, but these were all resolved when I received phone calls to answer additional questions from both Dr. Bashioum and Sandy. My husband and I were fully confident to proceed with the surgery.

The surgery preparation packet was very informative and detailed. It felt good knowing the whole process from start to finish with both the surgical process and the anesthesia portion. The nurses’ caring and calm demeanor helped ease my fears the morning of surgery. Dr. Bashioum was also calming the morning of surgery as he sat down to chat with my husband and myself. The surgical tech and nurse anesthetist were super friendly as the greeted me in the operating room. The surgery was a success and the nurses took excellent care of me in recovery.

My husband and I were sent home with a detailed discharge/home care instruction packet. That evening Dr. Bashioum personally called my husband to check up on me. Dr. Bashioum left us with his cell phone number and instructed us to call for anything at anytime. I did once I started back to work because I had numerous questions and he was there for me. He took a lot of time out of his evening to talk with me over the phone.

All of my experiences going back for follow-up appts have all been positive ones. The receptionist also has a smile on her face and greets you in a timely fashion. The nurses all remember my name and chat with me like we were old friends. I am always impressed with Dr. Bashioum’s memory! Every time he sees me, he asks me specific questions like how is our shared hometown of Pittsburgh?, how was my family’s trip to his vineyard in Napa?, etc. It’s always a personal experience with him, whereas some doctors would be all “business.” Dr. Bashioum never makes you feel that way. He makes you feel right at home ; ) I am most impressed with the amount of time he takes with you for each visit. I never feel hurried out of my visit. He will take the time to discuss matters with you.

I am so happy I had my surgery. I received a breast augmentation and never felt more confident in a swimsuit. My breasts look very natural and that was my goal. I wanted to have fuller breast without looking “fake.” I desire the respect of my family and did not want to appear over the top. Dr. Bashioum made sure my breasts were in proportion to my body frame/size. He was able to achieve my goal of natural fuller looking breasts.

My experience with Dr. Bashioum  has been wonderful. I highly recommend anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to meet the knowledgeable and delightful professionals at Bashioum Cosmetics!



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