Boomers Consider Nipntucks

77 million baby boomers aged 47-65 are having birthdays this year in the United States.   According to the Associated Press and a recent poll by Life Goes Strong, baby boomers expect to live their golden years in style, by looking good and staying fit.

Fox News highlights several of these new findings.  1 in 5 baby boomers already have had cosmetic surgery or would consider having surgery.  Among this group not opposed to a little nipntuck, about half say they might improve their tummy or eyes. Turkey neck or the saggy chin is the next biggest worry, where nearly 40 percent would consider getting that fixed.

Many boomers, especially women, are actively taking small steps to look younger. Not surprisingly, a quarter of the women report paying more than $25 for anti-aging treatments, including various lotions and potions.

It is interesting to note that almost all baby boomers, or upwards of 90 percent indicate that they have tried to eat better to improve their health.  I include myself in this group, because we now have the science and technology to live longer, so it makes sense to stay fit and live a purposeful life.  Why not enjoy the benefit of hanging around awhile longer?




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