Peggy’s Blog: Facelift Recovery

The first 3 weeks were hard for me, as my brother died 2 days after my surgery.  For  the next couple of  weeks I was depressed, but realized he was in a better place.   Although this was a difficult time for me, as time passed, I  was able to become more  physically active.  I think that it helped me to feel better both emotionally and physically.   I could also see improvement in my recovery and I was looking better every  week.   I had the misconception in my mind that after 3 or 4 days I was going to look good?   Wrong!  Due to the swelling from the surgery, I looked better, but not like I do today.   Dr. Bashioum does make a point to say that it takes up to 6 months for the swelling to pass and maybe that doesn’t sink in.   I think the biggest thing I would tell anyone having a facelift, is to realize is that it takes time to get rid of the fluid build-up in your face and to be patient about recovery.  I am 9 weeks post-op now and look and feel great.  Every  week it gets a little better.

Share this journey of renewal with me and check back to read my final thoughts about this experience and see my “After” photo.



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