Lisa’s Blog: Intro

Hi, I’m Lisa and I have been considering Rhinoplasty (nose job)   for the past 10 years and have finally decided – it’s time to do it!

It was an easy decision to choose Dr. Bashioum as my plastic     surgeon because I am a previous patient.   I had breast augmentation  14 years ago and have been extremely pleased with those results.

My experience with both his medical and office staff were all very positive.   During that time, I always felt that I was taken care of through each stage of the surgical process.   I have no doubt that this particular surgery will be any different.

Please check back to follow my story and see film clips of my surgery.

The reason I want a  Rhinooplasty is because I have a crooked nose, but what bothers me the most is that it’s too bulbous at the end.   It seems like each year that goes by, it keeps growing!   I feel I’m still young enough to go through the surgery and it may be harder the older I get (that’s my philosophy anyway).  I am so fortunate to have support from my husband and my family.   This was very important to me as I considered this surgery.   My children are also at an older age (teenagers) and are more self-sufficient, making my recovery easier now.

I am expecting that my nose will look more natural – not crooked and hopefully have a smaller tip.   My hopes are that friends really won’t notice except maybe wonder what I did different?

Please check back to follow my story and see film clips of my surgery.



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