Leah’s Blog: First night home after surgery

Night after my Tummy Tuck.  Wow!  What an experience.   The people at Dr. Bashioum’s are so great.   Everyone was so welcoming and made me feel SO relaxed. They went over EVERYTHING and made sure I understood what was going to happen during surgery.   I felt so comfortable and confident going into the operating room.   I don’t remember anything after lying on the operating table.

The next thing I remember was getting into the car after the surgery.   Jackie, my nurse, kept telling how great I was doing.  That felt comforting.   Maybe she says that to everyone, but it really helped me mentally prepare as I was heading home.   I started pain medication right away, since I don’t want to have any pain if I don’t have to.   When I got home, everyone was waiting for me!   My family is so fabulous; they had cards ready for me, my husband made me dinner and they all made sure I was well taken care of.   My mind was a little foggy at first, but got better throughout the evening.   So much better that we even played a game of Scrabble before the kids went to bed.   No nausea, no major pain (just the usual) and just a little bleeding.   I was very tired at bedtime and I slept really well.   I only woke up (several times) when I had to go to the bathroom.   I know water really helps in the recovery, but man, I have never had to pee so much!   Ha.

Check back tomorrow to follow the story of my recovery.



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