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Me and My Chicken Cutlets

Me and My Chicken Cutlets

The day I bought my house was the day I became a very lucky girl, because along with my dream home, came a plastic surgeon right across the street.  I always told my friends, “One day I’m going to see that Doctor.  When, I didn’t know- but definitely after I get done having kids.  In the meantime, I’m going to work out this padded bra solution and my ever-so-reliable “chicken cutlets” that I bought, by the way for $65, and I am going to find me some cleavage!”

The cutlets, some refer to them as falsies, are instantaneous cleavage enhancers. They’re squishy, flesh colored inserts that I wore in my bra to give me the shape I needed in a second.  They gave me a fuller and very convincing look to perfectly compliment the shirt I was wearing.  But it was all just temporary, especially in the bedroom, where I absolutely wanted to feel my most sexy!  I’m a woman, just stepping into my 30’s, sexy is everything to me!  I’ve worn my enhancers for 5 years, not everyday, but let’s say more times than not.  And it wasn’t too long ago that I actually lost them, thanks to the help from my lovely children, who found excitement in playing with them.  I was totally bummed when I realized they got left behind at a hotel we were previously staying at.  Boy was I sad, I felt like I had lost a great friend.

This episode gave me a reason to pursue a more permanent solution, a breast augmentation.  My husband and I played around with the idea for 3 months, and just recently booked my consultation appointment with Dr. Bashioum.  I don’t often times play “tit for tat” (pun intended!) like I did with the new television, but actually, it illustrates a perfect analogy.  Just as much as you like watching a movie on a high def 52″ television, don’t forget the ultimate surround sound, I too, enjoy looking in the mirror at a young confident mother of 3 in hi definition!  So it was decided that we would both get our cake and eat it too!  My views on breast augmentation have become more open and much more accepting.  I have even scheduled my surgery already for mid May and I am confident that I will be in good care with Dr. Bashioum and his staff.



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