Never Too Old

When my mother first approached me to have facial cosmetic surgery, I thought she was a bit off.   I could not imagine a 73 year old from such a simple past wanting rejuvenation surgery.   Yet she was at a critical point in her life.   She had completed grieving after my father’s passing and was ready to become socially involved again.   In fact, an intriguing man (her future boyfriend) had moved into the home next door to her.

There are some limitations regarding age.   As we age, medical conditions seem to plague us.   These medical conditions can can increase the risks of surgery.  As a result of conditions due to aging, the surgery may be compromised and the medical condition is at a risk of being made worse.   Fortunately for my mother, her heart problem was not serious and was well controlled with medication.   Elective cosmetic surgery should not be considered when medical illnesses cannot be well controlled or they make it unsafe to have surgery.

Patients come from a variety of social, economic  and cultural backgrounds.   There is no typical patient.   People seek out cosmetic surgery when something about their physical appearance bothers them.   Interestingly, the diversity of physical conditions is surprising and particular sensitivities bother some people but not others.   Physical sensitivities result form age, pregnancy, injury, surgery and medical conditions.   There is no right or wrong when it comes to patient concerns.

Helping my mother acheive her rejuvenation goals in a safe manner, has taught me a lot.  From my first steps, to life along the way, my mother has  a provided valuable insight from her unique and seasoned perspective. Fortunately, I was eventually open to listen and learn.



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