Mikaela’s Blog: Mother’s Perspective on Recovery

The Drive Home.  Mikaela informs me that she doesn’t have much discomfort at all and that she can’t really even remember being in the recovery room. Ha-ha!   Again, that is completely normal.

First Week of Recovery.  At first Mikaela was content to just sit with bags of ice on her chest.   I encouraged her to walk around every hour or so and she drink tons of water, which she does all of the time anyway.   Her appetite was fine by the first evening. By day 3 she was bored, as one can only watch so many episodes of Sponge Bob and The Office.   Mikaela had used her graduation money to buy a new computer for college, so she decided to use this down time to work on getting everything transferred over and become familiar with how it all worked.   She wanted to stop taking all of her pain meds early, but I had to encourage her to continue through day 3 for the anti-inflammatory benefit.   Besides, the maximum swelling doesn’t happen for a while and some pain might accompany that swelling.   Of course, that’s why ice is so important to keep the swelling to a minimum.

Please check back to read Mikaela’s reflections on surgery and her recovery.



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