Mikaela’s Blog: 1st Week After Surgery

The First Week.  I almost feel back to normal on the fourth day following surgery.   I still have some swelling around my stomach area, which feels uncomfortable and awkward, but it’s getting better every day.   I can do many things without discomfort, like take a shower, wash and style my hair, wash dishes, and get in and out of bed.   It feels good to be able to do these things for myself again.   It was getting frustrating to need help with everything, because I’m usually really independent.   Although I still can’t do many activities until I’m healed, I’m using this time to get used to my new computer for college!   Overall though, I’m feeling great: stopped taking pain medication after the third day.   Now, all I have to do is just take things slow and make sure I don’t overdo anything!   It’s nice to have a nurse in the house and my mom is keeping her eye on me.

Please check back to follow my recovery during the next couple weeks.



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