Mikaela’s Blog: Surgery is Scheduled

Now that my surgery is scheduled, I had a few concerns leading up to surgery, mostly regarding the size of the implants and how an augmentation would change my appearance.   I decided at the last minute to increase the size to a 350 cc implant, since the diameter of that implant would better match my body size.   I was never nervous for the pain of the actual surgery, but I was slightly concerned about feeling nauseous.   The anesthesiologist assured me that it was very rare, but to help me feel better, he said he would take extra steps to minimize nausea.   He was extremely nice and I felt like I was in really good hands.   More than anything though,  I had concerns regarding the size I close and how it would affect my life.

I’m very active, I run almost 5 miles a day, and would implants affect this?   I also play lacrosse and am playing in college.   I like not to wear a bra with a lot of clothes, and know breast implants would change the way I look and feel in clothes.  Would implants look and feel real, and not look too big on me?  I had been looking at many “before and after” pictures online, and I was a little worried that my result might look strange, or unattractive.   Although, I did have confidence that Dr. Bashioum would create the natural look that I wanted, I was anxious to have it over and see the change.

Please check back to read more of my story about personal recollections from the day of surgery.



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