Melonie’s Blog: Intro

Hi, my name is Melonie.   I began thinking about breast augmentation quite a few years ago but had decided to wait until I was done having children.  I had always been an A-size cup, which I was happy with, for the most part.  But there were many styles of clothing I wanted to wear that just did not look quite right on me, due to my small breast size.  I had always worn a bikini but I preferred to have the padded top. Although I was concerned about my breast size, I still felt that because of my very small frame and low weight that breast augmentation was not an option for me.  I thought I would feel unbalanced and awkward.  It wasn’t until I achieved a desired weight that I felt I was ready to have the surgery.  I began talking with my boyfriend about implants.  We both had some concerns about how it would affect our relationship.  After we talked about it, we felt that we were both secure enough with ourselves, and our relationship to go ahead with finding out more about it.

We began to do quite a bit research on breast implant surgery.  We read about everything from Silicone VS Saline to different types of techniques (such as where incision can be made), which procedure was the safest, which procedure had the least scarring, which had the lowest and highest incidence or rupture.  I also wanted to know which implant placement had the least problems and which looked most natural (over the muscle/under the muscle).  After we had done this research, we began looking for a doctor.  We looked at about six, but I finally decided on Dr. Bashioum because he is certified by the American Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons and because I had a friend who had her breast augmentation with Dr. Bashioum.  She was very happy with him and I liked the look of the result that she had.   So I made an appointment for a consultation.

Please check back to read about my visit to his office.



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