Melissa’s Blog: Sharing My Journey

I’ve been documenting my experience for 6 weeks now and I have to say, it has been an amazing experience.  It’s beginning to feel as if my journey is coming to an end and in some respect, it is.  In just a few short weeks I will be gearing up for my day of “pampering.”  Well, that’s what I call it.  How soon we forget to do things for ourselves, some more extensive than others.  I had another mom come up to me the other day and whisper in my ear that she wanted to talk to me about my upcoming surgery.  I was a bit taken back, but remember, I put myself out there for all to know.  What was more fascinating was her comment about my dismay at how my body changed after having and nursing three children.  She laughed and said, “Honey, it’s done a number on me, too and I’ve only had ONE!”  And that’s when it became clear to me, whether you have three kids or simply one, child bearing can wreak havoc on a woman’s body.  But there is more to the story than just that…

About a month ago, I decided to share my story on this blog.  I also uploaded the blog onto my Facebook, for all my family and friends to read.  Initially, I thought nothing more about this project other than it was for Dr. Bashioum’s blog.  But as I began to write, I became so fascinated by my own story that I wanted others to read it.  Describe me as “confident to share” if you may.  My reasons for doing the blog was to help other women who 1) may be indecisive about breast augmentation, 2) may need some direction on a doctor, size, ect. or 3) may  be a bit reserved to openly ask questions.  So I thought my experience might serve as their guide.  A few of my friends commented directly on Facebook about my enlargement saying things like, “Are you serious?  What size? or Wow, when are you having the surgery?”  But you know, not everyone is openly inquisitive as they were and I am not the first to share this experience with others.

I want to thank one of Dr. Bashioum’s patients named Jennifer, who inspired me to move forward with my breast surgery.  My husband and I sat down one evening and watched her story in the documentary film, “Restoring Jennifer.” Listening to Jennifer and watching her experience an the screen (remember- 52″ HD!) was like looking at myself and it was just what I needed to help validate my own decision, because our stories are so similar.  If you haven’t already seen the short film, take a look.



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