Melissa’s Blog: Conclusion


This has been an amazing experience.  But first, I want to continue with the various reactions I received from friends and acquaintances.  Four days following my surgery, after dropping my five year old daughter from school, I found myself surrounded by a group of women who had been following my story.  They were simply intrigued by what they saw, my new enhanced chest.  Those same women said they were happy for me and added how beautiful both my new “editions” and I looked.   Let’s go back to the others that expressed their dismay towards having breast surgery.  I saw them recently and they seemed to be a bit surprised by how I looked, even though I told them earlier that I wasn’t going that big.  Regardless of that fact, they still showed some sort of astonishment at my rather modest choice.  Many women believe, thanks to our society and the media, misinterpret a breast augmentation with going BIG.  Think Pamela Anderson type breasts, with that sort of Las Vegas stripper look.  Why not?  Women are spending thousands of dollars and enduring surgery, why not get your money’s worth?  I think thinking is where the saying, “Go Big or Go Home!” came from.  I clearly  did nothing of the sort.  In fact, if I wasn’t such an open book, I think that besides my closest family and friends, no one would ever know I had breast surgery, simply because of the natural look I chose.  I figured that taking my height, my weight and my athleticism  into consideration, I now have a well-proportioned figure.

I am extremely happy with ALL my decisions that I made concerning my breast enlargement surgery.  I am completely 100% satisfied with the size that I chose.  I continue to feel at ease with the saline implant solution I decided upon.  And I’m so fortunate to have had a successful and almost painless recovery, thanks to the care of Dr. Bashioum and his staff.

I hope that my personal patient blog will provide valuable insights and important information to those that are curious about breast augmentation surgery.  Thank you for sharing my journey with me!



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