Melissa’s Blog: 4 Days and Counting!

Should I be nervous?  With only 4 days remaining, I can’t say that I have felt those telltale flutter of butterflies in my tummy, at least not yet.  “I wonder why?” I ask myself.  Maybe it’s because this procedure takes all of 45 minutes.  It would appear to me, to be a walk in the park for Dr. Bashioum, as he has done 1,000’s of these.  He sculpts my breasts like an artist sculpts a work of art.  And voila!  My masterpiece is complete.  Or maybe it’s because I have looked beyond my actual surgery and I’m gearing up for the weeks to follow.  It is surgery though, and I know it is serious business.  Dr. Bashioum has given me a very precise course of action to follow and it goes like this, I am not to lift anything exceeding 5 pounds for the next three weeks.  I repeat, “No lifting for three whole weeks!”  But I have three small children.  Precisely.  In an effort to help reduce any complication and to ensure a properly healed chest, it’s critical that I abide by my doctor’s orders.  So if that means sitting on the floor to console my child rather than picking them up, then up bet that you’ll find me on the kitchen floor singing, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”  Thankfully this is all tmeporary and the finish line is just around the corner.

As a stay-at-home mother of three, to refrain from lifting for three weeks is like asking my little ones not to use the word “no.”  It’s going to be a very challenging task, but I understand how important it is.  Fortunately, I’m not walking into this situation with my eyes closed.  I have booked my mother-in-law an airline ticket out to our house, so she can help with the kids.  My husband, thankfully, will be taking a week off from work.   As all mothers know, our children depend on us greatly.  And to be out of commission for a few weeks, call for a bit of help from family and friends.  I’m so lucky to have that support.

My husband and I also decided to make a few minor changes to help aid in the “no lifting” policy.  For example, we thought it would be a good idea to trade cars for the time being.  He drives a compact.  I drive a SUV, so I’m constantly lifting one, if not two of my children into their car seats multiple times throughout the day.  By switching cars, this change will eliminate that problem.  My little ducklings will be able to get in/out all by themselves.

I’ve counted down the days, but soon my surgery will simply be hours away.  I invite you check back  to watch the video clips of my before and after comments in my personal journey to brand new boobs!



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