Melissa’s Blog: 24 hrs. after surgery

It’s only been 24 hours after my surgery and I feel amazingly great!  So great, that this morning I woke up, carefully showered, pulled a shirt over my head and then joined my friend for some coffee at the local coffee house.  To simply describe how I feel might be a bit baffling to the everyday human mind.  But I have to tell you; I am amazed at how great I feel so soon after surgery and I am very thankful to Dr. Bashioum.  His expertise in cosmetic surgery makes all the difference in my recovery process.  All I’ve needed is a bag of ice replaced every couple hours to help reduce the swelling and Tylenol every four hours for pain.

Take a look at the photo of pink balloons that greeted me on my arrival back home.

Big, bigger, best!

Big, bigger, best!



For the next three weeks, it’s crucial that I abide by the after-care instructions, by focusing on what is appropriate and inappropriate to lift, pull or push.  I’ve made a pact with myself to stop and think before doing anything risky and if it’s something I’m a little bit unsure of, to ask for help.

From the moment that I decided to have breast enlargement surgery, to the present day where I’m lying on the couch recovering, I have to say that this has been an amazing experience which has gone particularly well so far.  You might find this hard to believe, but I actually have a favorite part in all of this.  And that is when, just a few short hours after surgery; I delicately unzipped my shirt to see the finished product.  As I look down, I saw two beautifully perky, symmetrical breasts staring right at me.  “Well hello,” I said.  “Welcome back!”

More video blogs of my journey will follow, so stay tuned…


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