Makaela’s Blog: Mother’s Perspective on Surgery

The Day of Surgery.  Mikaela is nervous, which then makes me a bit nervous.   She is worried about being nauseous afterwards and goodness knows she may get herself worked up to the point that she does throw up!   I am not worried about the anesthesia or the surgery itself at all.     As you already know, I am an RN and in the spirit of full disclosure, I am also a past patient of Dr. Bashioum’s.   So I am totally confident that she is in awesome hands, the best!     Mikaela met with many of the staff on the day of her surgery.   She was treated with respect and kindness.   I could sense from her that she was going to be okay through all of this.   David, the nurse anesthetist, took special care to let her know that he would do everything he could to prevent her from “puking” as she put it.   He told me that he would make sure that he medicated her appropriately so that she would have a comfortable recovery.   The actual surgery takes under and hour and we were soon ready to head home.

Please check back to read all about Mikaela’s recovery.



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