Lights, Camera, Action!

Today in my office, we will be filming a cosmetic surgery segment for Fox News.

Dr. Archelle Georgiou is hosting a special report to explore the fears and anxieties that patients may experience while anticipating surgery.   She will be examining a wide range of medical treatments.

I will be doing a blepharoplasty or  lower eyelid surgery for a patient who has had a facelift in the past.   She has expressed significant unhappiness with the appearance of her lower eyelid bags.   It is sometimes difficult to overcome the effects of looking tired and aged, often caused by sagging skin, eyelid wrinkles and excess puffiness or bags under the eye.   Upper and lower eyelid surgeries are effective tools available to treat these symptoms and do well to restore a more youthful and rested appearance to the face.

I anticipate that my patient will have a dramatic improvement after surgery today and she will have more confidence in her personal appearance after a brief recovery.   Her healing progress will be followed and  one week after the surgery,  Dr. Georgiou will interview the patient live on the air about her experience.

Please stay tuned for details of the actual filming and when the segment is scheduled to air on Fox News.



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