Gina’s Blog: 2 Weeks After Surgery

Training with Kettle Bells

Training with Kettle Bells

So far, so good.   I’m two and a half weeks into my recovery and I feel amazing!  Actually, I  feel too amazing.   I really thought I’d feel crappy and sore for at least a few weeks, as I did with my previous surgery.   Clearly, the breast reduction was less traumatic to my body than the liposuction.   The next day after surgery, I woke up feeling great… tired, but feeling great.   I am on a three-week restriction, or what I like to refer to it as a little “time out.”

The first week I couldn’t raise my heart rate at all, period.     That meant no cardio, no working out whatsoever.     That sucked, I mean really sucked.   But week two hasn’t been too bad, because I was allowed the addition of some forms of my cardio workouts, although I still can’t lift anything more than five pounds.     I’ve been doing fast walking and some super light jogging because I tried to run and I felt some aching in my breast.   I put a stop to that real quick.   When I saw Dr. Bashioum at his office for my post-surgery exam, he said that I could increase my activity level slowly, as long as it did not cause any pain.   I’ve also been doing some Kettle Bell exercises with a 5lb dumb bell… I have to keep the groove!     I’m surprised and happy that I feel as great as I do but, on the flipside, because I feel so good; it’s making it really difficult for me to adhere to my restrictions.   I was naughty only twice.   The first offense was putting my 51.8-pound foster dog, Dexter, on his back for a time when he misbehaved.



He’s definitely over my weight restriction I know, but it was just a spontaneous reaction.   The second offense was my poor decision to go on the zip line at the playground with my 12 yr. old nephew.   I was really disappointed in myself for giving in to my impatience.   Sandy, Dr. Bashioum’s Patient Care Coordinator said I might have to be on “time out” longer now since I didn’t follow my recovery guidelines.   If she said it to scare me into being rigid with the recovery guidelines, it worked!   I definitely don’t want a longer restriction period, so I’m really trying to be good.

Gina with 2 Kettle Bells

Gina with 2 Kettle Bells

I already notice a nice change and I know it will take at least 6 months to a year to see the full outcome.   I can’t wait and I certainly don’t want to do anything to ruin my chances for a great result!

Check back to see if I can follow my own advice…



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