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Melonie’s Blog: After Surgery

October 30th, 2009

My Recovery

After walking into operating room, the next thing I knew, I was awake and felt awesome in the recovery room.  No nausea very little pain.  It felt more like a “tightness” in my chest.  As I understand, that feeling is quite normal.   I was ready to go home within about an hour following surgery and recovery.  I was very impressed that everyone involved in my care was sure to include my boyfriend in all of the discussions and to ask if he had any questions.   The staff also addressed his concerns.  He was going to take care of me tonight and they realized that this was a life changing experience for him, as well as me.

Well, here I am 22 hours post-op following my breast augmentation procedure and I am feeling great!   The hardest part of my post-op at home was sleeping elevated on my back and not being able to lie on my side.

The pain is actually well controlled with Tylenol, Celebrex and ice packs. I have a good amount of swelling but the ice is helping immensely with this. I feel good and I got up right after I got home, careful not to stay in bed without occasional short walks inside.  I have been making every attempt to get up and do things for myself that are within my restrictions.  I was happy to be able to begin eating and drinking right away with zero nausea. I started with clear liquids and then some toast but quickly progressed to my favorite foods. I was STARVING!

Dr. Bashioum called me that evening to see how I was feeling.  We had a brief chat about how I as feeling, whether I had any questions.   He also asked me how my boyfriend was doing as my “nurse” following surgery and to please give him his best. Remembering his name and to acknowledge him really made me feel that Dr. Bashioum is truly genuine and involved with all aspects of his patients care.  Right now I am looking forward to getting my shower tomorrow and being one day closer to my full recovery!

Please join me for my first after surgery check-up with Dr. Bashioum next week.  We will be filming my appointment.

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