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Doctor/Husband Patient/Wife Facelift

June 4th, 2014

Watch our new doctor/wife facelift surgery segment that aired on Twin Cities Live yesterday. Viewers get a sneak peek into the  operating room as Lindsay is prepped for surgery. She talks candidly with Elizabeth Ries about the recovery process of having a facelift and why she chose to have surgery. I try to get a few words in, but she steals the show. Judging by her personal reaction to the before and after photos they put onscreen, it’s obvious she likes her brand new haircut and feels good about her more youthful appearance. It has been an enlightening experience for me to see the patient side of things and I appreciate her willingness to share our story.  It is interesting to look back and reflect on the surgery from the perspective of doctor/husband and patient/wife.

Click here to watch.

Special thanks to Katie and Julie at Reflect Salon and Spa at their flagship location in Plymouth for providing hair and makeup for Lindsay today on Twin Cities Live.


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