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4 Steps for Cosmetic Surgery: Minimize Scars

August 27th, 2012

Cosmetic plastic surgeons are trained to minimize scars following surgery.  The surgical design plan determines where the scar(s) will be located.  This determines the appearance after surgery.  There are several choices to consider when designing incision placement based on the type of surgery I am doing.  I evaluate  placement using key solutions such as, whether it can be covered with clothing, camouflaged by make up, obscured by hair style, hidden within body orifices (nostrils) or concealed within the natural creases of the face or body.   My overall philosophy is to utilize all these elements, so that minimal efforts are sufficient to keep any scars out of plain sight or minimized following cosmetic surgery.  I suggest patients look at Before/After photos to help get an idea of the surgeon’s aesthetic skill in reviewing their final results.

I also custom design most surgery scars to be as short as possible. The length of a scar will ultimately be determined by the goals of the surgery and the limitations of technology.   Obviously, a longer scar will usually be more conspicuous than a shorter scar.  For instance, I use a 2 cm incision to do breast enlargement with saline implants. The implant simply cannot be inserted through a smaller scar at this time.  However, as technology changes and there are advances in cosmetic surgery, our techniques evolve.  It is important to refrain from exposing new scars to the sun.  Tanning a scar before it has healed completely (soft and white) can cause discoloration, which may be permanent. Scars are not fully mature for up to six months, so keep them covered or applied with adequate sunscreen applications.


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Mel’s Blog: Getting rid of my Baby-pooch

August 8th, 2012

On the days leading up to my abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery, I got more and more anxious.   During my pre-operative call with one of the nurses, I shared my anxious feelings.   They reassured me that it was a completely normal feeling and many patients experience the very same feeling.   The morning of my surgery was completely different – I was excited!   I was actually looking forward to NOT thinking about my baby pooch anymore!

The day of surgery was described for me in great detail prior to my surgery.   So I was well-prepared and I can honestly say that there were no surprises.   My recovery was just as they said it would be – very similar to my c-sections, but a little longer.   When I was sent home, I was in a considerable amount of pain, but as soon as I got home and got settled in my own bed, my pain improved.   Dr. Bashioum’s instructions were clear and it was imperative that I stay on top of the pain and take all of the medication prescribed.   That meant around the clock for the first few days.   Ice also helped tremendously.   Getting in and out of bed was difficult at first, but I realized that the more I tried it, the easier it got.   There was a balance that I had to strike between resting and being somewhat active.   I overdid it on post-op day 3, and did not stay hydrated enough.   However, some rest and a lot of water made me feel MUCH better.

Check back next time to follow my tummy tuck recovery.

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