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Is this REALLY Beauty?

February 25th, 2011

Has Hollywood lost it’s collective mind?  According to TMZ, “Real Housewives of Miami”  star Marysol Patton’s (left) gorgeous 76-year-old mother Elsa Patton ( right) has stolen the show with her exotic beauty and sexy

I respectively disagree and find Elsa’s appearance most alarming!  Certainly this must be Hollywood delusion.

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Botox in Hollywood: When is it too much?

January 11th, 2011

Hollywood seems to be a great source for extreme cosmetic surgery making pop culture news.  A recent article caught my eye about actresses having too much Botox.  Often medical providers are pressured into injecting more than what might look natural.  Most of my patients respect my guidance, however, I am fully aware that they can walk out my door and go someplace else.

Botox may be injected by various providers, not always done by a physician.  When I see the telltale mask-like appearance  that is likely caused from too much Botox, it makes me cringe.  Injectables can be used effectively in softening facial lines, but too much of a good thing results in an almost freakish appearance.  In a recent post from CafeMom, this popular trend is discussed and the article includes photos of stars that have sadly distorted their beautiful looks, once pivotal in making them become so famous.

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