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Face Plumping: Don’t Do This at Home

September 12th, 2011

A woman in Illinois died last week after injecting herself with melted beef fat, according to Chicago radio station WLS-AM.  Fat graft injections have been a popular media subject lately and I have done several postings on this blog about the procedure.  Common sense dictates that these procedures are done in a clinical setting, performed by qualified medical personnel.  It defies reason to understand why a woman might take it upon herself to melt some beef fat on her stove and think it was safe to inject it into her face!  Apparently this was not the first time she took upon herself to conduct her own kitchen cosmetic surgery.  The Cook County Medical Examiners office has not released the autopsy finding yet.  However, it certainly goes without saying, “Don’t try this at home!”

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Revision Surgery: When to Consider

March 21st, 2011

All surgeons want you to have the best result possible after any surgery.  Additionally, plastic surgeons want their patients to also look better.     I believe that the aesthetic nature of plastic and reconstructive medical training, appeals to people drawn to the artistry and sculpting of this particular specialty.  While cosmetic surgery can offer patients significant improvements in their appearance, unfortunately, perfect results are not possible.  Our bodies are not symmetric and individual anatomy differs from one person to the next.   Variations in surgical results do occur.

Some results are better than others.   There are many factors that contribute to a less than desirable result.   These may include, surgical problems, or not following strict after-care instructions, which may lead to unwanted bleeding or infection. Recovery is not the same for everyone and we all heal differently.   Some patients make more scar tissue, which may contribute to imperfect results after surgery.

When should surgery be revised for an unsatisfactory result?   This relates to internal healing.   Internal healing like scar maturation takes from 6 months to a year.   During this recovery period, dramatic changes take place, often revealing the expected appearance.   In my experience, some unsatisfied patients are a little impatient and perhaps too quick to judge.   It takes time and patience to see final results with most cosmetic surgery results.   However, if after 6 months there is not significant improvement, I suggest visiting with your surgeon about the possibility of revision (redoing) surgery.

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