Too Soon for a Facelift?

When to Consider a Facelift

Too Soon for a Facelift? Is it ever too soon to consider when to have facial rejuvenation surgery? In the past, traditional facelifts were reserved for older women and now there are several ways to look at whether there are advantages to considering a Nipntuck in the mid-30’s-40’s.

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures that address aging, there is a desire for a more youthful and freshened appearance when looking in the mirror. During consultations, patients often report that their goal is preferring a somewhat younger appearance rather than wanting a big change. It can be said that sooner rather than later has advantages, because younger women generally experience a quicker recovery, which is appealing. It is important to understand that jowls, notably sagging skin and deep wrinkles are most easily corrected with a facelift, but these changes do not occur uniformly with any particular age. I surgically approach each facelift surgery with an eye to creating a more natural, balanced and refreshed appearance to the face. Gone are the days of the severely stretched look. My advice to patients considering when to have a facelift is based on their expectations and my evaluation following examination. I find that the words that describe a particular procedure can be off-putting. It is understandable not to embrace changes while we age, and patients sometimes even wince at hearing me recommend a facelift. But no matter what the name, there is evidence that looking good is closely related to feeling good.


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