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Nose Surgery Expectations

April 30th, 2015

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Nose Surgery Series

Jessie thinks about her nose surgery expectations and writes: I am hoping that after my surgery, I will have a decrease in the overall size of my nose. I also want my tip to point upwards, not down as it currently does and of course, to have a straight nose in my profile.  I believe that having this surgery will make me a more confident person and will motivate me to be a healthier person.   What I mean by “healthier” is having a better outlook, being more active and just more beautiful all around. I want to take the extra time for me, spend more time getting ready for the day, walk my dog all over the Twin Cities and be more active at the gym. I know feeling better about my nose will motivate me to make the rest of me better, too. It will allow me to be more confidence out in public. I think being more active socially and physically will improve my life.

I have thought a lot about the recovery and I do not think it will be a problem for me. I do not have any children and I have been able to take time away from work to recover. I am also lucky to have family close by and they have volunteered to take my dog for a few days while I recover. I am expecting that I will be somewhat sore for several days after the surgery and expect the obvious swelling and bruising. I think the minor pain from the surgery will be less than the anguish I feel now from the facial appearance I currently have.

Editors Note: Next time Jessie’s story continues with a video interview the day of surgery, then next week clips of her actual surgery.  

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Jessie: Why I Chose Dr. Bashioum

April 27th, 2015

Bashioum painting lady after close-upNose Surgery Series

Jessie writes: To prepare myself for the  rhinoplasty  surgery, or nose job, I researched various websites such as,,, and Dr. Bashioum’s site, The websites provided me with a wealth of knowledge concerning the procedure and gave me insight on the pros and cons of the surgery, average recovery time, general price range and the results I might expect to see after the surgery. I also really enjoyed watching different video segments from YouTube and also looking at before and after pictures. I was most happy to find that the doctor I choose wanted me to keep my nose; he told me we were working with my own nose, hence making the surgery look more natural.

I choose Dr. Bashioum for many reasons. Above all, I wanted a qualified surgeon; someone skilled and experienced, because I know this will make all the difference in the result of my surgical procedure. A friend that has a breast enlargement surgery recommended him, because she was very happy with the quality of the surgical staff and her own results. She in turn was also originally recommended to Dr. Bashioum’s office by a co-worker, who also had breast enlargement surgery. I feel comfort in knowing that Dr. Bashioum has 30 years of experience, is involved with numerous societies, memberships and medical affiliations.   When choosing a doctor, I was not necessarily concerned with specific certifications, but personal references. Personal referrals led me to choose Dr. Bashioum for my surgery. I was also impressed with the organization and professional look of the facility. I also enjoyed meeting members of the staff and feel confident that they are aware of my individual needs and truly do care about me.

Editors Note: Please check back to read more of Jessie’s story and to watch video clips of her actual surgery.

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