Anti-Aging of the Future: Fat Grafting

Last week in Miami, I participated in the  American Society of Plastic Surgeons 1st Regenerative Medicine Summit focusing on fat grafting.  This is the wave of anti-aging treatments of the future.

Regenerative medicine has the real potential to change the   way we treat the aging body, impacting both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. It is the future of medicine happening right now. ASPS’s summit focused on clinical applications of regenerative medicine and fat grafting for  both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Of particular interest to me are the advancements in implant-free breast enlargements and incision-free facial rejuvenation.  This is an exciting time to be a plastic surgeon.  More on that next.

2 Responses to “Anti-Aging of the Future: Fat Grafting”

  1. Trish P. Says:

    I recently had lip augmentation via fat graft. I cannot tell you how happy I am and amazed at how natural it looks. My lips are symmetrical and there are no lumps, bumps or appearance of a “duck bill”. The procedure was a breeze and the healing process was very short. I did have a puffy face for a couple of weeks and I avoided running for 1 to 2 weeks as I was tender on my abdomen where the cells were harvested. All of which I was made aware prior to the procedure. As always, Dr. Bashioum and staff were fantastic. This was my second procedure with Dr. B and certainly not the last. He is an amazing surgeon that truely cares about his work and his patients.

  2. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Hi Trish, We enjoy hearing from our patients about their personal experience with us. Thank you for your kind comments! Fat grafting is the wave of the future for regenerative medicine and a great option for natural anti-aging solutions.”


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