Season for Lipo?

There are about 285,000 liposuction procedures performed each year.  Springtime is the prime season that I see an uptick in calls from patients asking about liposuction.   As the temperatures finally begin to moderate in Minnesota, consultations in my office gradually switch from a focus on facial rejuvenation to body contouring procedures.   Spring is also a popular time to escape from cooler climates.   Perhaps it’s only a coincidence, but my patients often mention plans for vacations like cruises and island getaways.   It makes sense that liposuction might offer a boost for looking good in beachwear.

Liposuction and liposculpture also continue to be very popular year-round as new techniques are always hyped in the media.  However, the lipid or fat reducing method remains basically the same, but the new trendy gimmicks make great headlines.   I find that refined traditional liposuction is quite effective in body sculpting surgery.

Next time: Summer Accessories



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