Patient Comments: Breast Restoration After Pregnancy

SJ writes:

I am 30 years old and had breast augmentation surgery two weeks ago.   I am a mom of three and before I had kids I was a full “B,” but after breastfeeding, I was left with uneven, unattractive, saggy breasts.   I am very active and exercise regularly, so I was confident about my body, but not happy with the after effects of breast-feeding.   After a friend recommended Dr. Bashioum, I made an appointment to find out more information, then I made the decision to have breast augmentation surgery.

I am amazed at the level of care and professionalism of Dr. Bashioum and his staff. From the receptionist, to the nurses, to the office manager, to Dr. Bashioum himself, they all have this amazing way of making you feel totally comfortable.   There is no doubt that they truly care about the feelings of a woman and about helping them overcome insecurities. After my initial appointment, any nervous feelings I had were gone immediately!  The office was not stale or uncomfortable like other doctor’s offices, but very comfortable and homey.

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