Reader Guest Blog: Sara

Back in Nov 2009, I looked in the mirror and hated the way I looked. So I decided it was time for a lifestyle change. 85lbs lighter, 10 dress sizes smaller, and 2 bra sizes smaller. WHAT!!! I couldnt believe it. All that hard work and I lost my favorite asset. That’s when I started considering breast implants. I researched and researched untill finally a coworker and friend  of mine told me she had it done 10yrs ago by Dr. Bashioum. She even showed me her 10yr old results and they still looked as perky as could be. In June I called to schedule a consultation. I talked to Dr. Bashioum about a possible lift with the implants because of the loss in volume from the weight loss. (They looked like a sock with a bar of soap just hanging there) 🙂 We did have the first surgery scheduled July. I got cold feet the week before surgery and called and canceled. I was just so terrified of the lift. I didnt do enough research on it to go through with it. All the staff at Dr Bashioum’s office were so understanding and told me that if I decided to go through with it, to make sure to consider them again. That right there meant alot to me. So again, after tons and tons of research I decided to give it another try. I scheduled my surgery for Sept 20th. We decided to just go with the implants this time. And if 6 months or longer down the road I decide to get the lift it can be done. This is the first surgery I have ever had so I was worried and excited at the same time. The day of surgery I was so relaxed. They make you feel so comfortable. And within a short time of arriving, I walked into the operating room and before you knew it- I was awake and recovering from surgery. Not much pain at all. I just mainly felt pressure. It felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. It has been 10 days since my Breast Augmentation. They still have swelling on top, but I love them. I have my big girl boobs again. I feel I’ve gotten that confidence back. Dr. Bashioum, you are amazing at what you do!!! Im am so greatful I went to Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center.

It’s changed my life. THANK YOU.



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