Lipo as Weight Loss?

Earlier in my career, I had the unique opportunity to be interviewed on television by Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold about liposuction.   Although the segment was meant to be light-hearted, I was able to convey my thoughts about why liposuction is not safe for patients that are not close to their ideal weight.  Unfortunately, lipo is not a quick fix for having too many unwanted pounds.   It is an effective procedure to remove localized areas of fat and is frequently used as an important tool in body sculpture.

Recently, I consulted with a patient who had lost 80 pounds following bariatric surgery.   It was her intention to loose some more weight.   During our visit, she asked the question I hear so often regarding weight loss, “Should I loose the rest of the weight before having cosmetic surgery?”  My answer is most always the same.   “Yes.”   Multiple reasons lead me to this answer.   Some factors are related to the general health risks of even mild obesity, while others are related to safety of anesthesia and surgery itself.

Check back tomorrow for Lipo as weight loss? Part 2

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  1. Peggy Silker Says:

    WOW! Dr. Bashioum was hot!



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