Leah’s Blog: I’m back, ready for my Tummy Tuck

Night before my Tummy Tuck

Hi, my blog is back.  It is the day before my surgery and I feel so ready for tomorrow.   I followed all the pre-surgery directions and I am just excited to get this going!   I need to drink a gallon of water today and that isn’t easy, since I really don’t like water, but according to Dr. Bashioum, it is important to stay hydrated.   I will read through the packet a couple more times today so that I know exactly what to expect before, during, and after surgery.   Then I feel more than ready to go tomorrow.   I am keeping myself busy today by cleaning, doing laundry, cooking for the week and getting my house ready for my return!   I am a little nervous about coming home and having to rest, since I am relying on everyone else to take care of my kids and the house (which I have never done before- I hope everything goes smoothly).   I also am a little nervous about how much pain I will have and how long it will last, although I realize that I will be able to take pain medication in order to control this.

I hope I am able to follow all the after care directions, so my recovery will go as planned and that I will look as great on the outside as I feel on the inside!

Check back tomorrow and follow my story with film clips of my surgery later this week and next.



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