Jessie’s Blog: Surgery Tomorrow

Well, it is the night before the big surgery and I am very excited.   In preparation for the surgery I have been drinking a lot of water because I was directed to drink a gallon today.   Being hydrated helps with my recovery.    I have also purchased an anti-bacterial soap from the local drugstore, which is needed to wash my face after the surgery.   I have also been busy working out at the gym and eating healthier.   I think this surgery will help me feel more confident about my appearance and I want to feel more confident with many aspects of my life.

Several people have called me today to wish me good luck and have requested me to send them before and after pictures.   Some friends have even asked when they can stop by and see me.   I am very excited for this great change, but a little hesitant not knowing what the final outcome of the surgery will be.   I have been playing with my nose in the mirror a lot, just trying to imagine the exact size and shape of nose after surgery.

I have also spent a lot of time on the nipntuck website looking at other before and after photos.  Being able to look at other photos has helped me realize that my nose is not going to change that much, it is subtly changing for the better.   The four after pictures of other patients on the website show a nice change, but they look natural.

During my initial recovery period, I will be staying with my parents for a few days.   I am also busying packing food for my dog, movies, and little to-do projects to keep me entertained!   I do not think I could do this surgery if I did not have help watching my dog and helping me.   Well tomorrow is the big day.   I am so excited, but truthfully- I just want it all to be done with so I can just see the new nose and my new look.     I look forward to tomorrow morning; I just hope I am able to sleep this evening.

The next time you hear from me, it will be my interview that is being filmed just before going into surgery.  Stay tuned…


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