Vibrancy in the Workplace

Workplace vitality is important in all business.   This is appreciated not only through energy and productivity but also in physical appearance.  Appropriate make up, hair style and clothing for the business setting may go a long way toward meeting the physical appearance criteria.   A healthy body appearance is also an asset.   However, an aged face may negate many of the positive factors.
Women and men often turn to facial rejuvenation surgery to maintain their perceived look of youthful vitality for continued success in the business arena.   A recent survey by the American Society for Aesthetic Surgery confirms this.

Patients usually present in my office when they hear comments like, “You look tired. Did you rest well last night?”   They also might hear, “You look angry or Are you mad at me?”   Most of the time these comments are in response to the aging appearance of eyelids and forehead.   Frown lines, sagging eyebrows and lower eyelid bags all contribute to this unflattering perception.

Injections may be a quick fix and often buy time until more permanent solutions are considered.   Botox(Trademark) reduces muscle activity which creates prominent frown lines and crow’s feet.   Filler materials mask the bags of the lower eyelids.   Both of these are inexpensive and have require very little recovery.   Unfortunately, they are all temporary.

Surgery gives a longer term and sometimes permanent solution.   Forehead lift raises drooping eyebrows and reduces drown lines.   Lower eyelid surgery reduces lower eyelid bags, while upper eyelid surgery elimiates extra upper eyelid skin and fat.   These procedures may be combined to yield dramatic improvements in that “tired or angry” look.

Sometimes business executives choose a facelift, as well.   This procedure is very effective in rejuvenating the neck, jowls and cheeks, yielding a rested and more youthful appearance.  These treatments might be just what the doctor ordered to maintain that edge you have always had in business!



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