Vegas Angel: “It’s going to be me up there on stage!”

My name is Angel.   My decision to have cosmetic surgery was one that I had contemplated for quite some time.   Beginning with the birth of my daughter, (now 6) I began to feel my post-pregnant body, was not where it used to be.   I couldn’t wear bikinis, low-cut tops, or anything somewhat revealing.   It bothered me.   Everyone would say, “you look great,” but I didn’t feel great.  I waited until I lost all my baby weight and maintained it for 1 year.   I took things slow, researching what I wanted to achieve with my potential new look.   Since having a tummy tuck and a year after that, having breast augmentation, I feel like me again!  It is amazing to look in a mirror and be able to smile back at myself again.

My final decision to choose Dr. Bashioum was based upon multiple referrals from friends and from family.   I also visited with another plastic surgeon, but felt that a natural look was not at all what he had in mind.   Dr. Bashioum always puts patient safety at the forefront.  When I approached him to do both a tummy tuck and implants at the same time, he said that it is NOT in your best interest to do multiple cosmetic procedures of that nature.   I felt so comfortable when I arrived in his office, as other patients have mentioned.   His staff is discreet, courteous and put me at ease.   Each time I have had a procedure, I have felt no nervousness.   Dr. Bashioum is a perfectionist, and thoroughly goes over each procedure in detail.   From pre-op to post-op, I felt that my decision to choose Dr. Bashioum was a great choice.

I can’t wait to be in Vegas with Dr. B and the KQRS Morning Show!   It’s going to be a blast.   I have no idea what to expect, but I’m ready for anything.   I have listened in the past, and can’t stop laughing!   Now the tables have turned, and it’s going to be me up there on stage!  I’m counting the days, until we leave.   So according to Elvis, “Viva Las Vegas!”



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