Tara Reid: Poor Liposuction

Photos of Tara Reid clearly reveal a poor result after liposuction or as she refers to it, “liposculpture.”  According to her, she chose to have the surgery because she wanted a six pack.   She was sold on the idea by her surgeon as she “shopped” around until she found someone who would do it for her.

Her appearance is consistent with removing as much fat as possible to reveal her rectus muscles.   Sadly, this usually results in scarring of the under surface of the skin (dermis) to the muscle.   Thus, causing the dimpled appearance of her tummy.  This is extremely difficult to fix!   Liposuction is not about how much you remove but how much you leave behind.   I would venture to say that Tara started out with the amount of fat which should have been left after liposuction!  So she was doomed to have this  result.  It is my guess that there will probably be a whole lot of “Photoshopping” or retouching of her photographs going on to  correct her abdomen for the Playboy cover she is  vying for!

I might add that she admits to having had liposuction of her abdomen because the poor result is so obvious.   However, it is unusual to do this one area alone.   A look at her inner and outer thighs shows asymmetry and depressions consistent with poor liposuction, as well.  Sometimes it’s better to accept minor imperfections, when the likelihood of creating significant defects persists by doing ill-advised cosmetic procedures.

2 Responses to “Tara Reid: Poor Liposuction”

  1. Chicago liposuction Says:

    When liposuction is performed without discretion, artistic sense, or technical skill, the results can be unattractive and very discouraging to patients. Tara reid has a similar problem. This happens with many liposuction cases. She will have to undergo secondary liposuction to treat asymmetry and surface irregularities.

  2. nipntuck Says:

    The artistic aspects of cosmetic surgery cannot be stressed enough. Sculpture is the cornerstone of all cosmetic surgery whether I am adding, removing or rearranging tissues. The quality of result is not dependent on what is removed but what is left behind. In Tara’s case, insufficient remained after the liposuction. Her skin has scarred to the underlying muscle leaving her with an uneven and irregular skin appearance.



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