Mikaela’s Blog: Mother’s Perspective

The Consultation.  I accompanied Mikaela to meet with Dr. Bashioum on the day of her appointment.   I did not stay in the room with her during her consultation.   But she did ask me to come in and help her make a decision about the size of the implant she should select.   Her biggest fear was that they were going to be too big and that she would look weird and not able to run or play Lacrosse anymore.   Having some experience with this situation, I encouraged her to consider her body type, along with her goals for the surgery in making her choice.   I also told her that it would be a good idea to try them on again, perhaps on the day of surgery and maybe they wouldn’t seem quite so large.   Dr Bashioum had told her that a very high percentage of women wish that they would have gone larger when all was said and done.   Mikaela was still quite uncertain about the size, which is not uncommon.

The Size Dilemma.  Mikaela asks me every day if I think that she has chosen a size that is good for her.   I keep reiterating what Dr. Bashioum told her about the statistics, but the final choice is hers alone.   Honestly, I am a little concerned that if she is not happy with her choice, she will try to blame me!   “Why didn’t you tell me to choose something different…”



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