Melissa’s Surgery Design

Melissa had her surgery yesterday at 7:30AM.   She was asleep for the surgery.   After much thought, she decided on a final volume of 300ml.   Based on her breast diameter, I chose a Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Profile implant.   The implant had a minimal fill volume of 275ml.   Since Melissa chose a saline filled implant, we were able to fill this implant to 300ml based on the manufacturers recommendations.

The chosen incision was a 18mm(less than 3/4 inch) placed at the crease beneath the breast.   This is the smallest incision which can be used because the implant will not fit through a smaller incision.   The incision was closed with absorbable sutures beneath the skin and skin glue was applied as a final closure.   The skin glue serves as a dressing as well.   No other dressings were placed.   No bra or breast strap was placed.   There was no wrap either.   No drains were used nor were there any pain pump tubes to contend with.  I have found that this method works best for my patients and the after care cannot be simpler.

Surgery was completed on the left side followed by the right.   It only took about an hour to complete.   Her recovery was uneventful and she left the office about an hour after surgery was completed.

I anticipate that she will have an easy recovery.   Immediately after surgery the result looked very natural.   Of course, the complete healing process will take some 6 months to a year.

Look forward to Melissa’s video comments in the next couple days.



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