Melissa’s Blog: Silicone or Saline Dilemma

A somewhat controversial choice came up for me soon after I decided to schedule my augmentation surgery.  I need to decide on whether to have saline or silicone implants put in.  I have always envisioned myself going with silicone implants because from what others told me, “they felt most natural.”  And then I began to think.  “Most natural to whom or should I say, for whom?”

By all means, and lets be honest here, I most certainly want my husband to feel pleasure when he holds my boobs.  In fact, I would love to have my breasts feel exactly as they are now, just slightly bigger.  But I would also like to feel at ease with what I am putting inside my body.  This choice was definitely a decision that I sat on for awhile.

One day it was, “Yes I’m going with silicone” and the next day it was, “No, I’m going with saline.”  I consulted again with Dr. Bashioum on what he thinks I should do.  After giving me information on both options, he made it clear to me that first and foremost, it is ultimately MY decision.  I had heard the facts, so now I needed to decide for myself.

On the one hand, I was solely thinking of my husband.  I want him to feel nothing different.  And if that’s the case, silicone is the best choice.  But on the other hand, I’m the one wearing these and I want to be safe.  By choosing saline, if something happens to one of my implants, my body will simply absorb the saline solution.  Peace of mind is certainly something I advocate.  I have three beautiful young children, that I am constantly worrying about.  At the end of the day; what is going to help me sleep better at night?  I am going with saline, because it is the best choice for me.



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