Leah Blog: Rules for my recovery after surgery

The packet that I received from Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center with my pre-op (before surgery) instructions also outlines what I need to do after my surgery.   Dr. Bashioum stresses how important it is for me to follow his “after-care” instructions.   The final result is influenced by my adherence to them.   Since I have four young kids that require a lot of energy on my part, I really need to look over this section of the packet, because I understand the importance of it for my own safe recovery.   My husband will be with me the day of the surgery and my mother-in-law will be here the rest of the time to help take care of my kids (especially the youngest).  It will be very hard for me not to lift anything more than five pounds for 3 weeks!   I think my purse alone weighs more than that!!!   My family (HOPEFULLY) will help me by carrying anything that I can’t lift.   I know that following the after-care instructions will help me achieve the best possible result from surgery and for this reason I will try to be really careful.

A great deal of my peace of mind comes from the fact that Dr. Bashioum is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.   This is important since he has special training qualifications that allow him to focus exclusively on all aspects of cosmetic surgery.   I feel so confident knowing this and the fact that he has years of experience doing many cosmetic surgeries allows me to concentrate on my experience without any doubt.   There are several ways to look for a Board Certified surgeon:   Search online, or simply ask to see the credentials from the physician that you are considering to do your surgery or visit the website for the American Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

Be sure to check back to see video clips of my preparation before going into the operating room on the day of my surgery, which will be followed by film of my abdominoplasty.



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