Jennifer’s Blog: No Regrets

Absolutely no regrets!  Those three words sum up my feelings now, almost 5 years since I have had my breast augmentation surgery.  It was a life-changing moment for me.  Excitement, nervousness and fear…

I experienced every one of those emotions.  But, I can honestly say that when I look back now, I wouldn’t do anything differently.  I do remember the anxieties I felt while sizing, my husband sitting there just nodding and saying, “It’s what you want, it’s what makes you comfortable.”  In the end, I really did choose what made ME feel comfortable!  So, reading Melissa’s Blog today brought me right back to that room with the sports bra and the “girls” (implant sizers) laid out in front of me to choose.

After having 4 children and nursing all 4 children, it was the right decision for me to reclaim my figure.  I wanted to feel sexy again, not self-conscious!  I wanted to fill out my shirts, bras and bathing suits again.  Well, I definitely do fill them out now and I continue to be extremely happy with my final result.  The documentary film title says it all; I was simply RESTORING my body to the pre-childbirth days.  Dr. Bashioum did an amazing job and I will continue to sing his praises.



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