Surgery Notes: Gina’s Customized Surgery

Gina’s surgery was different   than the vast majority of breast reduction surgeries.   She did not have severe nipple ptosis (sagging) like most women seeking breast reduction.   She also did not choose to have the resulting larger scars commonly associated with breast reduction surgery.   For these reasons, we chose to approach her surgery in a more custom fashion.

Gina’s surgery design was based on my extensive experience with breast enlargement, even though it was a reduction procedure.   It seems counter intuitive, I know.   When sub-glandular breast enlargement surgery is done, the breast tissue is elevated off of the underlying pectoralis muscle.   An implant is then placed in the breast pocket to increase breast size.   We did just the opposite with her surgery.   Breast tissue was sculpted and removed from the under surface of the breast unilaterally or on one side only.   The reduction was, in effect, the reverse of traditional sub-glandular breast enlargement.  The only incision that was necessary to accomplish this surgery was a small inch long incision beneath Gina’s left breast. The resulting scar will heal to be almost unnoticed.  This type of customized plastic surgery is one aspect of new advances in cosmetic surgery.



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