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KQRS Vegas Wrap by Kendra

November 23rd, 2009

Hi everyone, it’s me Kendra.  Thank you for checking back to see what I have to say about Las Vegas.  Guess everything that happens in Vegas definitely doesn’t stay in Vegas.  Well, I had a blast and will remember it forever, without a doubt!!   It was everything I expected and then some.  Everyone was so much fun to be around, Vegas is really all about the people you meet and the fun you have.

I have absolutely no regrets for having cosmetic surgery and going on stage during the KQRS morning show live broadcast.  If I am given the opportunity to go next year, I wouldn’t think twice about going.   This was my second time to Vegas and it was by far more amazing then the first time.   Thanks to Dr. Bashioum, Sandy and his staff for inviting me to join them on stage.   Sandy made it all work!  Also, thanks to Tom, Terri, Zepp, Bob, Phil, Stretch, and Justin.     It was great to finally meet all of them in person, so thank you for making Vegas a time to remember and cheers for all the laughs in the morning.   Listening to KQ on the radio is a great way to start my day!!  You ROCK!!   It was also fun to meet Brad Blanks, he is so cool and I love his accent!!  Oh, and Brittany, the intern, she is a riot!

And now my personal testimonial!   Anybody contemplating having cosmetic surgery should definitely consider Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center and set-up a consultation with Dr. Bashioum.   He is by far the best surgeon out there.

Dr. Bashioum and his staff are wonderful!

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