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April 22nd, 2016

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Why is my surgery cancelled? Although we strive to help patients understand pre-surgery instructions, occasionally cosmetic surgery needs to be cancelled or postponed and rescheduled. Here are the top reasons why cosmetic surgery is cancelled and a discussion of several factors that may necessitate a surgeon cancelling surgery due to safety precautions. What are the major reasons why this might happen? A cold, cough or flu-like systems on the day of surgery or 2 weeks prior to elective surgery necessitates rescheduling surgery. It is important to be healthy before undergoing surgery and to remain healthy during the post-operative phase. Always call your doctor if you have questions or concerns and notify them of any changes in your health prior to your surgery.

Sometimes patients forget specific pre-surgery instructions or disregard our directions, not understanding their importance. Certain medications, vitamins and herbal supplements can cause problems during surgery or during recovery. It is of the utmost importance to follow all your surgeon’s instructions. Likewise, it is equally important to understand limitations on your recovery activity following surgery. Don’t lift, carry, push or pull over 5 pounds, or return to exercise or heart rate elevation for two weeks or sometimes more following surgery. Ignoring this precaution may lead to surgical complications, sometimes needing surgical intervention.

As physicians, we want the best for our patients. When we cancel elective cosmetic surgery for a patient, it is because we do so with an abundance of care and concern for their safety. So while patients may often be disappointed, it is always done in their best interest to reschedule their surgery.



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