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Why Take a Shower Before Cosmetic Surgery?

April 23rd, 2019

Why Take Shower Before Surgery?

Patients play a significant role in preparation for elective cosmetic surgery. Following  a few simple instructions is essential in helping to make the post-operative course of recovery easier and safer. Here is another point that I include in pre-op instructions for my patients prepping for their surgery. Take A Shower. Any time you shower, the number of bacteria on the skin is reduced. Taking a shower the night before and the morning before surgery can go a long way in reducing the risk for infection. Regular soap is fine for this task.

See my Top 10 Tips for Cosmetic Surgery Recovery HERE for our patients, although it is important for patients to follow whatever instructions their chosen surgeon provides. Surgery by and large is safe. Complications are always an inherent risk. You can help in reducing post-operative risks by following these simple tips before and after your cosmetic surgery.

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