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Diary of a Breast Reduction: Michelle’s Blog 3

February 24th, 2014

Introduction: Almost 113,000 women choose to have breast reduction surgery every year. Our patient kindly shares her story with our readers in a Guest Blog series Part 3. Michelle’s story continues about her experience with Pre-Operative Instructions.

Michelle writes:  As I mentioned last time, I’m dreaming about how I will feel and look after the surgery. Well, it is finally just 3 days to go before my much-anticipated surgery.  I received a phone call yesterday from the Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center office to go over some “pre op ” instructions.  Everything that they talked about matched what was discussed 2 months ago, and matched the information that came in my surgery packets, which I have read. So now I feel good about what I was supposed to remember to do.

I have gone out and bought my sports bra, as suggested for after the surgery. I also have the anti-bacterial soap, the movies are rented and the refrigerator is stocked and the laundry is folded, all in preparation.  I am still very excited, but when I think about the actual surgery part – I get a bit nervous, which I guess should be expected.  Still, I can’t wait.

Next time: my surgery day, read here.

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Diary of a Breast Reduction: Michelle’s Story

February 19th, 2014

Introduction: Almost 113,000 women choose to have breast reduction surgery every year and our patient kindly shares her story with our readers in a multi-part Guest Blog. Here is Michelle’s story about her experience.

Michelle writes: I heard about Dr. Bashioum on the radio, I read up on the Internet, and then I scheduled a consultation to meet him.  I was nervous at first to have an examination and give my reasons for wanting the surgery during our discussion about the procedure. But, after meeting with Dr. Bashioum, he put ALL of the worries to rest.  His bedside manner was immediate.  He walked into the room and responded like we had known each other for years.  It was a great first impression.

I have seriously been thinking about this since my breasts developed early in 4th grade when I skipped a training bra all together, going straight to a “B” cup. I have been heavy all my life, and it caught up with me in 1997 when my gallbladder got so infected and inflamed, I had to be hospitalized for 7 days. My condition was due to very bad eating habits and complications of being obese. I was at my heaviest at 187 pounds.  Before my health issue, my desire to have smaller breasts was completely about “looks.” This health issue served as a wake-up call for me.

More about how I changed my lifestyle, focused on my health and my decision about breast reduction surgery, coming up next time. Read it here.





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