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Diary of a Breast Reduction: Michelle’s Blog 3

February 24th, 2014

Introduction: Almost 113,000 women choose to have breast reduction surgery every year. Our patient kindly shares her story with our readers in a Guest Blog series Part 3. Michelle’s story continues about her experience with Pre-Operative Instructions.

Michelle writes:  As I mentioned last time, I’m dreaming about how I will feel and look after the surgery. Well, it is finally just 3 days to go before my much-anticipated surgery.  I received a phone call yesterday from the Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center office to go over some “pre op ” instructions.  Everything that they talked about matched what was discussed 2 months ago, and matched the information that came in my surgery packets, which I have read. So now I feel good about what I was supposed to remember to do.

I have gone out and bought my sports bra, as suggested for after the surgery. I also have the anti-bacterial soap, the movies are rented and the refrigerator is stocked and the laundry is folded, all in preparation.  I am still very excited, but when I think about the actual surgery part – I get a bit nervous, which I guess should be expected.  Still, I can’t wait.

Next time: my surgery day, read here.

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