Removing Stitches No Longer Needed


Dr. Bashioum prepares for surgery

Removing Stitches No Longer Needed.

It is no longer true that all stitches need to be removed. Now there are new alternatives for incision closure following cosmetic surgery. In the past, traditional methods like skin sutures (stitches) or a quick method of skin staple closure, both need to be removed after surgery. However, with the advances in absorbable sutures, they simply get absorbed by the body and skip the need for removal. Another alternative is using surgical glue, and much like “superglue” it bonds the edges of the incision and effectively seals the wound. The adhesive material in specialized surgical glue forms a strong microbial shield to protect wounds while they heal. I also believe that surgical glue most often provides the least visible scare after healing for patients not allergic. Ultimately, I find that by taking more time with incision closure during surgery, I can offer a better experience for my patients and a more elegant solution for their recovery.

Photo: Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center


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