Got Crow’s Feet? Brow Furrows or Wrinkles?

Botox® for Crows Feet

Got Crow’s Feet? Brow Furrows or Wrinkles? We can help.

The new FDA approved Botox® offers simple solutions, so call us today to schedule a personal treatment consultation with our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Spring is around the corner, why not look and feel your best!

One Response to “Got Crow’s Feet? Brow Furrows or Wrinkles?”

  1. nipntuck editor Says:

    Dr. Bashioum replies: “Denise, Thank you for sharing your personal experience at Bashioum Cosmetic Surgery Center. We are always interested to read patient comments on our blog and so pleased that we met your expectations. It is gratifying that you feel confident with your decision, as it is our number one goal with all our patients.”



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